Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chirps ( Wssup bird! )

Animals have a particular way of communicating. How do birds speak? Do they also bicker and shout at each other?
As human beings, sometimes we need to listen to them, listen to bird- talk, listen to nature -because nature has a way of communicating a soothing language to our souls.
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  1. Jerome,

    I am running out of pictures from my doctor friend's flickr account. Would it be possible to borrow some of your pictures? I will link them, of course and do the necessary notes as to where I got them from.

    About this picture. I would imaging myself in twitter as I tweet with other tweeple. he he. This captured the moment indeed. Great job!


  2. wow a nice picture!

    birds communicating with each other


  3. Thanks. Birds have good communication skills. Just link back to me.